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Bright Steam Cleaning Service is a Melbourne-based cleaning company offering a one-stop cleaning service to Melbourne homes for some years now. We take pride in our thousands of loyal customers who vouch for our relentless and continuous path of excellence.

We bring to you all kinds of cleaning services to benefit your home and office. We are proud to be a local cleaning company serving the residents of Australia.

We work based on sound ethics and are committed to the trust and welfare of our customers at the same time, also focusing on the health and well-being of our planet. At Bright Steam Cleaning, we use only eco-friendly products and it is our mission to do our job keeping the planet’s sustainability in mind.

While we have skilled and certified cleaning professionals, we are also equipped with modern technology and equipment. We want your home and office to be spick and span at the earliest and hence, our efforts are aimed at bringing you the best cleaning service in the least amount of time.

Contact us for –

  • Carpet and Rugs Cleaning
  • Couch and Sofa Cleaning
  • Curtain and Blind Cleaning
  • Grout and Tile Cleaning
  • Flood Restoration Services
  • End of Lease Cleaning

Bright Steam Cleaning – At Your Service, For Your Cleaning Needs, Any Time or Day!

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