Mattress and rugs cleaning

You dusted the sheet. You vacuumed the rug. But How clean are your mattress and rugs?

Out of 24 hours, most of us spend at least 7-8 hours sleeping in our bed. We also spend a lot of time in the company of our rugs, walking on it, sitting around it or even on it. Children play on the rugs. Is it completely safe?

According to statistics, there is a rise in allergic diseases in Australia and around 20% of Australians have an allergic disease.

One of the culprits for allergies inside your home is dust mites. They thrive in warm and humid conditions. Their favourite places of residence are your mattress and rugs. Dust mites feed on shedded skin cells of people and enter your body through air. Dust mite allergies cause discomfort and sicknesses and can lead to more chronic ailments in the future.

Mere cleaning and dusting is not enough to remove dust mites. They are stubborn beings!

Allow us to tackle your home microbes!

Our mattress cleaning Melbourne service is guaranteed to remove dust mites and ensure your mattress and rugs are 100% clean and fresh.

We use toxic-free products to clean, sterilize and freshen up your mattress and rugs. We have the best rugs cleaning Melbourne techniques in Australia!

Avail our latest cleaning technology through professional and experienced experts.

Your mattress and rugs will soon be a fortress and free of all kinds of pollutants. Need more? Our cleaning services also ensure a soft care to your products. They will last longer through our cleaning, for sure!

Saunter around inside your home on clean rugs! Sleep well on your fresh mattress and get up feeling fresh!

Why don’t you try mattresses and rugs cleaning Melbourne service today?