Couch and sofa cleaning

Don’t we love to relax on our couch and sofas after a hard day? They are a stress-buster and a place where we create memories through get-togethers and family parties.  A question, though, – how clean are your couches and sofas?

Food leftovers, dust, dirt, and sweat keep accumulating on couches and sofas over time. Vacuuming or dusting fails to remove stubborn dirt and stains. Often, you might end up damaging your precious sofa in the process.

What can we offer?

Our couch and sofa cleaning Melbourne service comes to your help through modern technology, innovative and organic products and skilled professionals.

  • Toxin-free products
  • Qualified cleaners
  • Thorough cleaning to remove dirt, dust, germs and pollutants
  • Specialised cleaning service to suit the fabric, cotton or leather
  • 100% care to your couches and sofas to help them last long

We are leading and trusted upholstery cleaning Melbourne experts who are contributing to make Australian homes cleaner and pollution-free!

Call us now to clean, refresh and renew your couches and sofas